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The Small Business Assistant takes care of the areas in your business that may be causing you grief, or that don’t require a full time employee.  We relieve your pain points and support your business so you can focus on what you’re good at and get back to working on the business instead of in the business.

What engaging The Small Business Assistant will mean for you:

✔️ Robust systems

✔️ A business that runs smoothly 

✔️ You can focus on what you want to be focusing on

✔️ You’ll have a qualified MBA professional on your team

We relieve your pain points so you can focus on working on your business instead of in it


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As a rapidly expanding professional services business, we knew that solid business systems were essential for sustainable growth. In the past, we’d struggled to find good support in that area - other people didn’t always understand what we did, or provided purely reactive support.  Bringing Rachelle in is one of the best business decisions I’ve made.  Her expertise in finance, systems and processes means we know that our operations are robust.  This has freed our time up to concentrate on what we do best.

Matt Fenwick

Founder & Strategy Director, True North Content

Rachelle was an extra pair of hands when my copywriting business reached an overwhelming pace. She effortlessly managed Excel spreadsheets, designed marketing material and proofread product copy, amongst other tasks. Her friendly, reliable manner was calming and delivered on time of exceptional quality. I'd recommend Rachelle's services to anyone who needs a broad range of services to complement your business.

Melissa Gerke

Director, Melissa Gerke Copywriting

Rachelle was referred to us at time of great need, there was a crucial role that needed filling in our firm, which we had tried to improvise around for too long.    Since we met Rachelle, we haven't looked back.   Rachelle has taken a tremendous load off my shoulders in particular.  The things I love most about Rachelle is she's a straight shooter, extremely hard working and very honest.  Rachelle holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) which means she is skilled at a high level and a very important part of our management team.  Most business owners go through a period of overwork, taking on too much, and they have no time to themselves.   If this is happening to you, I highly recommend talking to Rachelle about how she can help you get your life back!  Rachelle gets me out of the way, and enables me to step back and focus on the big picture.  This is the part that I value the most.     

Leah Oliver

CA Director, Minnik Chartered Accountants

We have been working with Rachelle for a long time and she is an investment we can't live without. She is so efficient with deadlines and more importantly, understands a brief and nails it everytime. Her content skills are perfect for the public relations world and she tackles a spreadsheet and a research task like no other. Every business needs a Rachelle in its life! 

Kathryn Price

Director, Ruby Agency

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